Writing Essays About Literature

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If you love reading, chances are you also love writing. It is highly probably as well that after reading a book, you take time to gather your thoughts and opinions about it and put them in writing. But whether or not you are doing it for the sake of writing one or because you are required at school to do so, writing essays about literature is a good way of gauging your understanding and appreciation of works of literature.

So how do you exactly write essays about literature? There are no hard and fast rules about how to write one, so in this regard you are free to decide how the structure of your output is going to be. In other words, you have a free hand in deciding which aspect of the book you will focus on. Whether it’s the characters, or the theme, or the conflict, or the narrative flow, or the style of the author, your choice of how you will anchor your discussion rests on your own choice and discretion.

Some Ideas

There are, however, a few basics that you need to integrate in your essays about literature. For instance, you should provide a context of what the subject book is all about by introducing its author, the principal characters, and a summary of the flow of events. This way, your reader will not get lost in your discussion of the book’s merits.

How to Start

The thing that defines the quality of your essays about literature is the way you present your thoughts and ideas. As a reader, you are entitled to form your own opinion of the book, but such an opinion should be based on reasonable or sound logic. If you want to stress in your essay a particular feeling that you felt while reading the book, pick out scenes or lines from the book that would tell your readers why such a feeling came about. If you want to express your disagreement over the author’s treatment of a certain theme or subject, do so by identifying specific points that would explain why you ended up with such an assertion.

In sum, writing essays about literature is a good way of rendering concrete your thoughts and opinions about a particular work of literature.